24 July 2010

7/23 Lower Housatonic River Fishing Report

If you read the 7/20 fishing report, you've already read this one. Same story...just substitute "Jim W." for "Don G."

It was overcast and flat calm on Friday morning, so Jim and I headed east.

We stopped off at Milford Harbor to check that area out, but nothing was going on.

Lone fisherman off Gulf Beach didn't appear to be having any luck.

But when we got to the rocks further east we found small stripers and blues that gave us some fun for an hour or so.

No photographable fish on this trip...just as on Tuesday.

Don't know what this tug was up to; seemed to be meandering around New Haven Harbor trying to find something to do.

We saw schools of small baitfish all over the place outside New Haven Harbor...but nothing feeding on them.

Further up in the Harbor all seemed quiet...but we did locate a few blues out at the Harbor entrance breakwaters.

Can't resist taking photos of cormorants. They're fascinating birds...as long as they don't perch and poo on your boat.

These gentlemen were sporting the latest in T-tops for their boat. Jim and I figured that they must fold it down when they run at speed.

It started to rain on us, but we had rain jackets and it never got heavy, so it was quite pleasant out there. Don't mind rain...as long as there's no lighting with it.

We hope to fish Shoo-Fly 3 early next week after which we'll will be out of action for a while as the captain undergoes some medical procedures.

Will keep you posted.

Don’t forget, a 2010 saltwater fishing license is required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. Also, if you intend to fish above the Merritt Parkway bridge on the Housatonic River, you also need a Connecticut freshwater license. You can purchase these from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.

Check these links for more information:
Connecticut Tourism;
Long Island Sound Resource Center;
Housatonic Valley Association;
Stratford, Connecticut;
Milford, Connecticut

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