26 April 2010

Stripers at Montauk

Bite is Small, but On At Montauk

“Picking up where last season left off, small striped bass along the town beach in Montauk and out to Ditch Plain have been responding to offers of bucktails and small tins. Paul Apostolides of Paulie’s Tackle said people had been spotting some signs of fish in the surf since last Thursday’s bass opening day and connecting with a few."

They're After Your Sport!

"It is an issue that is very sticky because a lot of recreational fishermen don't see themselves as having a large effect," Crowder said. "It has been very difficult to regulate recreational fishing because of the number of people involved and the economic importance of that industry and the perception, actively promoted by the recreational sector, that [recreational fishing doesn’t] have much of an impact."
Shoo-Fly: NOAA and that crew are up to no good. Question is, what form will their action take: More licensing [i.e., taxes] or restricted fishing?

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