11 April 2010

4/10 Lower Housatonic River Fishing Report

Despite the chill in the air and the wind gusting to 25kts, Don G. and I went out onto the River about 1030 on Saturday morning.

We got into fish pretty quickly.

Click on any pic to enlarge.

At the power lines, ospreys have taken advantage of the human-provided structure to build their nest.

We also saw an osprey further down the River, flying directly into the wind trailing about a 2-foot long piece of paper or cloth that the bird had selected as part of the nest he/she was building.

We put more than 40 fish in the boat; again, none were keepers and all were released back into the River.

This fish Don's holding may have been the biggest of the day.

Spring hasn't yet fully sprung on the River.

In this pic you may be able to see the reddish hue of the trees as their buds begin to pop.

The hot color for Saturday was chartreuse. We had a spell of casting, casting with no hits...and then Don put on a chartreuse soft bait...and caught fish on four successive casts.

I changed to chartreuse.

Last trip it was white or silver...fish ought to make up their minds.

We didn't stay out that long...about 2.5 hours. We caught a bunch of fish, but had to work hard for them.

Frustrating when you can see them stacked up in the water on the fishfinder, but can't get them to bite.

Here's the US-1 bridge that my Uncle Dick used to jump from when he was in high school.

He survived.

Shoo-Fly 3 looks a bit lonely sitting there at the dock, but she's all set for the season now.

Stopped at Rich & Jan's Newtown Bait & Tackle on the way home where their annual pre-opening day [trout] gala was in progress. Had to park in the boonies. Fisherfolk all over the place trying out fly rods at the casting pool...etc., etc. Rich was in the fly shop setting up a 4-weight. Jan was at the counter ringing up sales.

Great store. If you haven't seen it, you certainly should.

Don’t forget, a saltwater fishing license is now required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. You can purchase one from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.

Check these links for more information:
Connecticut Tourism;
Long Island Sound Resource Center;
Housatonic Valley Association;
Stratford, Connecticut;
Milford, Connecticut

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