07 March 2010

Islamorada Journal 2010...Day 68


Saturday at 0800 it was 52°F with a small-craft caution in effect on the water; winds on the reef were blowing at 23 mph gusting to 26.

Didn't look auspicious for fishing, but the wind actually laid down in the afternoon and with the air temp in the balmy mid-60s, Wayne, Chris [Hanson's son], and I picked up some bait and headed out to find fish on the Atlantic side.

We did all right out there.

This is a hogfish, a member of the snapper family, and like his brethren, good eating.

Chris caught two of these big enough to keep.

We also caught some groupers which, although also very good eating, are now protected and cannot be kept.

None of the groupers we caught were probably large enough to have been keepers anyways.

Another grouper.

Back at the house Chris manned the fish-cleaning station and fileted the hogfish and three keeper-size mangrove snappers under the watchful eye of Pietro di Pelicano.

Pietro appears to have been thinking his high mezzanine perch would give him some advantage over the mob in the cheap seats below.

Tossing in various fish parts produced the usual squabbling among the birds.

This is an immature pelican; you can tell that from his brown plumage which has not yet converted over to the more colorful feathering of the adult birds.

This fellow had a way of shaking the feathers all over his body...as though he were shivering. Have seen other pelicans do this as at fish-cleaning stations as well. Don't know if they have learned to do it as a means of attracting attention ["oh, look at me shivering here...I'm desperate for something to eat"], but it has that effect.

Chris saw that this guy got a nice fish head for dinner.

Don’t forget, a saltwater fishing license is now required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. You can purchase one from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.
Check these links for more information:
Connecticut Tourism;
Long Island Sound Resource Center;
Housatonic Valley Association;
Stratford, Connecticut;
Milford, Connecticut

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