10 September 2009

A Tough Day of Fishing is Better Than....


We Almost Caught Pepe le Pew!

Those who’ve been around fishing for a while know that a term for going fishing and catching nothing is “getting skunked.” I have no idea what the origin of that phrase is…relative to fishing that is. Clearly, if you run afoul of a skunk and get sprayed, you’ve gotten skunked…but how this translates to the water is beyond me.

Perhaps one of our readers knows the answer to this.

At any rate, Don G. and I left the marina for the mouth of the Housatonic River about 0700 on Wednesday. We weren’t expecting a lot as the weather forecast was:
“Small Craft Advisory in effect through Thursday evening for NE WINDS 15 TO 20 KT WITH GUSTS UP TO 30 KT. SEAS 4 TO 6 FT...BUILDING TO 5 TO 8 FT. A SLIGHT CHANCE OF LIGHT RAIN THROUGH EARLY AFTERNOON.”

And the forecast was pretty accurate. Winds were out of the northeast at 15-20 plus gusts. This meant that a run to Middleground would be fraught with discomfort.

So we poked around the jetties. Don had a bluefish on for about five seconds before it chewed its way through his line. I had the tail bitten off a jig over at the gun club. That was it for the River mouth.

We decided to run upriver and we tried the usual-suspect places with no result. Did see one gentleman in a rowboat who claimed to have caught a bluefish. It was funny: As we’re going upriver he calls us over and asks what time it is. We told him: 1050. On the way back down past him we went over and told him it was now 1150. He said, “No…no Thanks, but I’ve got a watch.” Maybe he had been lonely out there all alone…or perhaps his watch was unreliable and he needed to check how close it was to the correct time? Another puzzle for the ages.

Finally we traipsed back downriver and out to the mouth again. With the fishing that slow, why bother?...you well might ask. Well, Shoo-Fly 3 had a string of 47-straight trips going without getting skunked. No fish in the boat today would mean an end to that string.

Back at the breakwater Don actually hooked and landed a real live bluefish. Ta-da! The skunk was off the boat and the string continues.

Another great day on the water.


Don’t forget, a saltwater fishing license is now required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. You can purchase one from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.

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