21 August 2009

Superfish, Fluke, and Mercury


How’d You Like the Opportunity to Cast A Line for This Fish?

“… fish that fight like crazy, that jump all over the place, that grow to like 15 pounds and taste really good.” He paused slightly. You’d be excited, he said, with “this guy telling you how vicious these things are, how you have to be careful of their teeth, how they bite anything, everything. They can take your finger off. They’re big! You’d want to get out there and fish right away.”

Read about this exciting fish in NYTimes.com


Eastern CT Fishing Report—Fluke Now Closed

“The season closed Wednesday in Connecticut and will Monday in New York. Rhode Island is still open, but technically anglers catching fluke in Rhode Island can’t legally land them in Connecticuit waters, so be careful.”

Bob Sampson writing in NorwichBulletin.com


Survey: Mercury in Fish is Pervasive, Unavoidable

“No fish can escape mercury pollution. That's the take-home message from a federal study of mercury contamination released Wednesday that tested fish from nearly 300 streams across the country.

“The toxic substance was found in every fish sampled, a finding that underscores how widespread mercury pollution has become.

“But while all fish had traces of contamination, only about a quarter had mercury levels exceeding what the Environmental Protection Agency says is safe for people eating average amounts of fish.”

CSWF: Only 25%? Only! What? Are we supposed to be happy about that?

Study apparently did not cover salt water, only fresh.

Read it all in HuffingtonPost.com

Thanks to Val S. for letting us know about this news item.


Don’t forget, a saltwater fishing license is now required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. You can purchase one for $10.00 from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.

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