19 August 2009

8/19 Lower Housatonic River Fishing Report


Charlie W. and I fished the mouth of the Housatonic River on Wednesday.

The weather looked somewhat iffy, especially in light of the weather report which predicted doom and gloom. Apparently the weather folk are taking the tactic of reporting the worst possible weather that possibly can happen for that day...in this case 40% likelihood of rain plus chance of thunderstorms. In this way, if it doesn't rain or lightning & thunder, everyone's happy and no one has anything to blame the weather forecasters for.

So it was overcast when we left the dock at 0700...which is good as the fish will hold in shallow waters longer without bright sun. You can see what the sky looked like in the photo of Charlie battling a bluefish on his flyrod.

We hit the bluefish spot and caught them on jigs, poppers, and flies...even had a double on the flyrods at least once. After a couple dozen of them, we moved, and lucked into some small striped bass...first ones we've seen in several outings.

But as the clouds drifted off and the sun came out, the bite dropped off. We fished the rocks in front of the lighthouse with no luck at all...one hit maybe...but that was it.

Still, we'd caught a bunch of fish, which is not bad for the dog days of August.

Another great day on the water.


Don’t forget, a saltwater fishing license is now required to fish the marine waters of Connecticut. You can purchase one for $10.00 from your local bait & tackle shop, such as Newtown Bait & Tackle, or at Town/City Hall.

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