01 June 2009

Connecticut Saltwater License…”All Over but the Paying”

“Break out the wallet, you fishermen of striper, bluefish, porgy, flounder, fluke, sea bass, blackfish and other marine species. The Connecticut saltwater fishing license is in like Flynn.

“House Bill 5857, which, among other things, includes a recreational marine fishing license, passed the state House of Representatives recently and is now before the state Senate, where its passage is about as certain as tomorrow's sunrise.”

Charles Walsh writing in ConnPost.com

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Kayaking Through Plum Gut

“The water churned and frothed in a shoal off East Point, with the most challenging stretch still about three miles ahead, the notorious Plum Gut. Even though we would be crossing this treacherous passage at the approach of slack tide, it can kick up confused seas at any given moment, especially with a traffic jam of ferries, fishing boats, sailboats and yachts cutting through from every direction.”

Story in TheDay.com

A Bit of New England, in New York City

“8:45 A.M. Walk two traffic lights back toward the bridge to Jack’s Bait & Tackle, 551 City Island Avenue at Cross Street, (718) 885-2042, You can ask for Jack himself (large and ruddy) and rent a motorized dinghy ($60 a day, gas included, fits four) and some bait and tackle ($10 a person, more or less, depending on your lures). Eastchester Bay and Long Island Sound are popular fishing grounds for fluke, flounder, striped bass and, in the evenings, bluefish. Fishing, do not forget, is actually a euphemism for doing as little as possible, with beer.”

Fun story in NYTimes.com
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