24 June 2009

Connecticut DEP Confirms: No SW License Yet

"Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
DEP Marine Fisheries News

"Connecticut Marine Waters Fishing License: Update - June 23, 2009

"A marine waters fishing license is currently NOT required.

"The bill that establishes a marine waters fishing license has been passed by the legislature but will not be effective unless and until the Governor signs it into law.

"If and when the Marine Waters Fishing License (MWFL) bill becomes law, Environmental Conservation Police efforts with respect to the license will be focused on education and outreach during the remainder of 2009."

The last line of the DEP notice appears to indicate that--once the license actually goes into effect--the DEP will not persecute...errrrr...we mean "prosecute" anyone who fishes marine waters without a license--until 1/1/2010.

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