17 May 2009

The Western Sound, Thames River, and Menhaden

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Fishing Picking Up in Western Sound
“Early in the week I received an email from Capt. Kevin Reynolds, skipper of the Snow Goose II. He reported ‘that on the fishing front it's been solid blues!!! They invaded the Hempstead Harbor area on Tuesday and it's been 'lock and load' ever since.’

“The bluefish have been holding in 30 to 40 feet of water. Mackerel, herring and bunker are all doing well as bait. And there have been a couple of keeper stripers in the mix as well.”

Read the complete article at: StamfordAdvocate.com


Thames River also Fishing Well

The Thames River is our hot spot of the week, drawing large bass drawn by the bunker moving around in the river from the Gold Star Bridge all the way up to Norwich. Find the bunkers and you might find the school with some big stripers underneath them.

Tim Coleman writing in TheDay.com


Menhaden Critical to Long Island Sound

Menhaden are the most important fish in the sea for two reasons: They feed everything above them in the food pyramid, and they are literally like a living filter system for our waters because they eat detritus and turn it into their oily, high energy flesh.

While menhaden were functionally missing from the food chain, striped bass (along with bluefish and other predatory species) may have literally eaten once-large populations of river herring, American shad and contributed to the demise of winter flounder, fluke and other species through predation around the edges.

Bob Sampson writing in the NorwichBulletin.com

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