20 May 2009

New Hampshire, Maine, and Martha's Vineyard

Maine Saltwater Fishing to Remain Free for the Time Being

“It looks like people who fish in saltwater in Maine will not have to buy a license.”

Read the article at: WLBZ2.com


NH Senate Approves SW Fishing License

“Saltwater anglers off New Hampshire's coast would need a fishing license under legislation sent to the governor by the Senate….”

Complete article: WCAX.com

Photo: New Hampshire coast near Portsmouth


Vineyard Awaits Cinder Worms

"They are waiting for tiny cinder worms to rise from muddy bottoms in saltwater ponds across the Island in an annual spawning that leads to a feeding frenzy of astonishing proportion, drawing striped bass, birds, fishermen, and onlookers."

Story from: MVTimes.com


Book Describes Life on Martha’s Vinyard, Especially the Fishing Derby

"The derby that Mr. Kinney describes commenced officially at 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 9, 2007, and its most serious competitors started casting their lines soon after. Until the Oct. 13 finish, they did the same thing, over and over, from boats and piers and beaches, for as many of the 838 hours of the tournament as they could manage with the help of coffee, junk food and catnaps.

"There are, after all, several species to chase -- striped bass, bluefish, false albacore and bonito -- each with different codes to crack, and since fishing involves luck as well as skill, there is no substitute for putting in the hours."

Article at OnlineWSJ.com

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