06 May 2009

More on O'Sullivan's Island Mess

1984 NOAA Hazardous Waste Site Report Gives the History

"This site is in the flood plain of the Housatonic River, and is 14miles from Long Island Sound. A total of 197 drums in various conditions with both solid and liquid contents were removed from the site before it was backfilled, graded, and re-planted. EPA listed thesite as stabilized at the end of the removal action.

"Upon analysis, the drums were found to contain significant concentrations of wastes containing dimethyl cyclopentane, ethylcyclopentane, toluene, methyl isobutyl ketone, methyl cyclohexane,trichloroethane, and trimethyl pentene. Overall, the drums from the dump were in poor condition, with many leaking or crushed. At least one discharge and fish kill was observed during cleanup. Earlier discharges and possible environmental damage was highly probable, but not observed."

Complete NOAA Hazardous Waste Site Report


"Good Sam" Makes Rescue in NJ

"’We heard the Coast Guard was coming from Sandy Hook and the boater in distress was near Union Beach; that was about two miles from where I was.’ The swells in the water were treacherous, he said. If it hadn't been for the distress call, he never would have left shore, he said. As they approached Union Beach, he and his dad, Ron, spotted a man bobbing in the water, grabbing onto a kayak….”

Whole story at NJ.com


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