19 May 2009


Kayakers vs. Fishermen

"The closer we paddled the more frequently he cast his line directly in our heading. We could have changed our course and steered farther offshore, but it was breezy, the tide surged against us and we had a 12-hour day ahead of us. It would only take us a few moments to get by – if only he stopped that damned casting every 10 seconds."

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Naugatuck River Race a Wild and Wet Time

“It was either when the guy giving the pre-race safety talk said he'd broken a tooth on a rock while paddling the night before, adding the river was "higher than normal," or maybe it was when I noted that one area of the race route was called ‘The Dead Zone.’

“Whenever it was, it was then I sort of knew I had gotten in over my head, no pun intended.”

Charles Walsh writing in the Connecticut Post


Benefits of Kayaking

"One of the first things that comes to mind is the low cost of the sport when compared to other forms of angling. For start to finish, you can buy new equipment including the kayak for as little as eight hundred dollars. You can usually find used kayaks much cheaper. Even if you choose to get a fully equipped kayak, the cost will be about fifteen hundred dollars. With party boat trips for a few days costing upwards of six hundred dollars, you can see that the savings from a few trips can get you going in the sport.

"Besides an inexpensive method of fishing, the health benefits are worth it even if you don't plan to fish. With no motor and noise, ocean inhabitants are not as afraid of your kayak as a sport fisher with the engines going. If you want to see nature close up, a kayak is a good tool."

Source: AllKayakFishing.com


Need for Safety Instruction

"...statistics show that 80% of non-motorized vessel (paddle boat) fatalities are the result of capsizing, or sudden cold-water immersion, which can lead to rapid drowning. Ninety percent of those deaths resulted from people not wearing life jackets. More than 70% of recreational boating deaths reported involve operators of paddle craft who received no boating safety instruction."

Source: AcornOnline.com

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