14 May 2009

Coast Guard Stresses Cold-Water Safety

“BOSTON – The Coast Guard and state boating agencies continue to warn spring boaters, paddlers, sailors and fishermen on northeastern inland and coastal waters of the dangers of cold water and sudden cold water immersion.

“Plain and simple, if things go wrong on the water and you’re not prepared for the immediate shock of sudden cold water immersion, your chance for survival is greatly reduced….

“’To date this year, we’ve lost six boaters and paddlers on the waters of the northeast and all six cases can be directly attributed to the debilitating effects of cold water.’”

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Photo is from this week's fishing trips. More details to come later in the week.


Rabbits and Penguins, and Seals, Oh My! Rabbits and Penguins, and Seals!

Dr Gales says long-line fishing is responsible for killing thousands of albatross and other seabirds hooked as they attempt to catch fish bait. While the problem is being addressed through the use of devices such as weighted lines, the expansion of illegal fishing, especially for Patagonian toothfish, is taking a heavy toll on seabirds in the Southern Ocean.

Interesting: TheAustralianNews.com


One-Way to Get Rid of the Long-Liners

“The 700-ton long-line fishing ship “Win Far 161”was hijacked near an island in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean on Monday, according to the MOFA, and it is currently some 1,500 kilometers away from land.

“Among its 30 crew members, the ship's skipper and first engineer are Taiwanese nationals, while five other are Chinese, 17 are Filipinos and six are Indonesian.

“…based on past experience,[the crew’s] safety should not be a problem if the pirates are simply looking to collect a ransom….”

Article no longer available from Taiwan News


New York State

“If you’re looking for striped bass your timing couldn’t be better. The mighty Hudson River is a busy place these days with spawn-minded striped bass acting crazy as far north as Albany. The action is reaching the phenomenal stage all the way from Newburgh to the Federal Dam in Troy, and while not every angler who has a line in the water would agree with that, the entire stretch of river is offering excellent fishing right now.”

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