07 April 2009

Striper Fishing Picking Up in the Hudson

Tuesday, 07 April:

“Stripers move into the river for two reasons. Primarily, they are following their urge to spawn. The big bass also are tailing the spawning run of their favorite food, the herring. Shad, bluebacked herring, and alewives move into the Hudson to spawn each spring right along with the bass. Stripers pursue these fish the whole time they are in the river.”

Full Story: TimesUnion.com

Fly-Fishing Clinic in Newtown

Newtown Bait and Tackle will hold a fly fishing clinic on 11 April. Casting demonstrations will be held at their casting pond at the store. The clinic will allow anglers to see the latest in fly fishing equipment and a chance to speak with company representatives. For more information, call Newtown Bait and Tackle at 203-426-6629.

Newtown Bait & Tackle


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