16 April 2009

Massachusetts Changes Two Fishing Regs

Thursday, 16 April:

“The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) has instated a new three-year moratorium on the taking of river herring….”

In addition, “The old regulation on the handling of striped bass prohibited anyone from filleting their catch while on the water. The fish had to be intact when you left the water so that an environmental officer could make a quick determination as to whether the fish in your possession were legal or 'shorts.' Charter skippers could clean their catch on the boat, but the racks had to be kept and disposed of at sea on the following day. It created a messy situation for many charter captains and they sought a change.” So the DMF…modified the regulation this year so that these boats, while under charter, could dispose of racks at sea.”

“When asked if the same alteration could be applied to the recreational angler, he felt that it, ‘would be a bit too much for law enforcement to handle….’”

For now, Massachusetts recreational anglers [and, of course, all who fish for striped bass in Connecticut] must be sure that any striper they keep is intact when they head for home.

Complete article: PatriotLedger.com


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