23 February 2009

Islamorada Journal 2009...Day 49?

Monday, 23 February:

It's another beautiful day in Islamorada: At this point I'm a little confused as to exactly where we are on the calendar and day count...but we'll proceed as though we know what we're doing.

Our Islamorada journal staffer continues to improve and we are hoping for a complete recovery. We thank those of you who offered help, love, and prayers, family of course, but also Wayne, Linda, Hans, Terry, Georgia, and Jim C. Good friends are tough to come by...these are some of the best.

Not exactly a fishing foto, but here are Becky and Robert's children Caroline, Michael, and Zachary with our daughter and fishing buddy and their dear auntie, Deb, wishing Deb a happy birthday. We wish we'd been there to help blow out the candle.

While Wayne and I were fishing the new cuda hole last...what was it? Thursday?...a bunch of "cigarette boats" came along the Intrastate Waterway on the way to Key West. These are great fishing boats...you can stand up on the bow and just reach down to lip your fish and bring them into the boat. [That, of course, is moose turd. These boats are useful for only three things: Going fast, attracting bikinis, and burning gasoline.]

While about two dozen of those "useless-craft" were going past us, Wayne and I continued to harass our newly discovered barracuda population. I actually got one in the boat.

Uh-oh. I'm going to start getting emails from Becky and Caryl about a haircut any day now.

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