14 February 2009

Islamorada Journal 2009...Day 40

Saturn's day, 14 February:

It's another beautiful day in Islamorada: 0835: 70° with east to southeast winds near 10 knots. Seas beyond the reef 2 to 3 feet. Seas inside the reef around 1 foot. Nearshore waters a light chop. Isolated showers.

Happy Ballentine's Day to all. Their ale is one of my favorite beverages.

We saw it hit as high as 82° Friday with full sun all day long.

For Caryl and me, the day was spent running errands...no exciting news to report...but did want to get in this photo from Wednesday of Wayne throwing the cast net into the neighbor's canal, trying to catch some pilchards [a minnow that gamefish think is delectable] to use for bait.

There's quite a skill involved in flinging these nets which are circular in shape with weights all along the outside edge. The net, properly thrown, spreads out and lands on top of the school of baitfish which are neatly kept in place as the weighted edge of the net sinks about them. Then a pull on the line draws the bottom of the net together enclosing the hapless fish. Dump the lot into the livewell, and you're off.

So, Friday, while Caryl and I zipped up and down US-1, chasing down various necessities, Wayne, Natalie, and Matt were off in Wayne's boat chasing more monster tarpon and elusive permit...but to no avail. They saw some of each but the fish were too spooky to get a cast to them. Still, they had a good day on the water.

Bridget and Shannon had a relaxing day by the water Friday...they did a little sight-seeing, spotted an iguana...and once the sun went down, only then were they off to do errands...no daylight time wasted.

Sunset was a bit bland Friday night but this cloud was pretty with the setting sun reflecting off its curves.

The plan is that Natalie and the kids will come over here this afternoon for some frolic time by the water. Caryl and I will do some light packing in the morning and then taking it easy in the afternoon...we move to the other house on Sunday.

Oops! I've just been informed that it's "Valentine's" Day. Sorry about that.

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