06 February 2009

Islamorada Journal 2009...Day 32

Friday, 06 February: 7:00 pm:

It was beautiful day in Islamorada: 54° this morning and winds 20-30 kts. out of the northwest today. Doubt that the temp ever reached 60° until late this afternoon; skies were mixed gray and blue. Supposed to be warmer starting tomorrow.

We had a visit from three turkey vultures this morning...drawn to the carcass of an iguana in the basin [hopefully it wasn't Iggy, but we have to wait for CSI Islamorada to finish its report]. Apparently the chilly weather has been tough on the cold-blooded iguanas which become semi-comatose when the temps get low enough.

Vultures are beautiful flyers, but not very graceful birds on the ground. They sort of hop around, and their featherless heads are not at all handsome.

Hibiscus... always ready to pose for a close-up.

There are several of these lights on the property...unfortunately the wind got one of them; picked it right off the top of the lamp post...leading to the result shown below. Not fixable.

Was too windy and cold to fish today. Caryl and Linda went off shopping. Wayne and I commiserated on the phone and talked about "tomorrow."

There were two different sunsets tonight. The first one had little color, but some nice rays of sun filtering through the clouds.

A few minutes later the sun went below the horizon while putting on this show.

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