02 February 2009

Islamorada Journal 2009...Day 28

Monday, 02 February: 6:30PM:

Last night's sunset.

Beautiful day in Islamorada: Actually it's been flipping back and forth between blue skies/sunshine and gray/dismal...which is all right as I've spent the first seven hours today preparing our corporate eNewsletter [Issue #572] and dealing with various shenanigans our beloved federal government has been pulling.

In particular, it's the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that has been driving us nuts. Back on December 17 USCIS announced changes in their I-9 form [if you've been hired by anyone in the last 23 years, then you've filled out one of these] and then on January 30, three days before the changes were scheduled to go into effect, USCIS decided they want to think about it more. Of course we already had the information about the pending change on our website, in newsletters, and so on.

Best not to get me started on this.

Beautiful day in Islamorada: Turned out all right on the whole...nice breeze, warmer but not too warm...getting humid. It may rain tonight and tomorrow but then sunny and cool for the rest of the week.

Will pick up Caryl at the airport Tuesday morning. She left here on 21 January and has been up north lending a helping hand to Suzy with the new baby, Jesse.

Other than that, there's not much exciting to report. Did a lot of work. Cooked up the rest of the mangrove snapper fillets for a fish sandwich. Went out on the basin wall and threw a few casts...got a couple of hits...no catch.

So have filled out today's blog with photos [double left-click to enlarge].

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