27 January 2009

Islamorada Journal 2009...Day 22

Tuesday 27 January: 7PM:

Photos by Deb:

Nice day in Islamorada today...sunny, mid-70s, but winds from the east at 15-20 kts.

So Deb, Wayne, and I bundled up and headed out on Florida Bay...went over into Everglades National Park in hopes of finding muds [muddy areas stirred up by feeding fish]...

We got into the area we call the Lake, when Wayne spotted something off the starboard side [on our right]...

Oh my goodness...it looks like a great big shark...

And it came over to us and got right under the boat...

It was a dolphin! Deb got down on the deck on the bow of the boat and shot this pic as the dolphin surfaced...practically right under the camera.

There was a small pod of dolphin feedling along a sandbar. As is typical of them, they came over to our boat as we motored along and played in the bow wave for a few moments...then they got bored and took off.

We had a good day on the water. Caught probably more than 30 fish: Jacks, ladyfish, seatrout...nothing photo-worthy. It was windy out there and coming back into the east wind was a bit rough...but we've had a lot worse runs across "back-breaker" bay than today's.

Tonight's sunset.

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