02 December 2008

North Carolina Still Allows Seining for Stripers

"Effective at 6 a.m. Dec. 8, the DMF will open the striped bass beach seine fishery in the Atlantic Ocean waters of North Carolina….

“The minimum size limit for striped bass will be 28 inches total length. An Atlantic Ocean beach seine operation may sell or possess no more than 250 striped bass per calendar day, regardless of the number of individuals in the operations. Striped bass taken in a beach seine operation in excess of 250 fish may be transferred to other Standard Commercial Fishing License (SCFL) holders who are not members of the operation. Any SCFL holder may have up to 50 fish per calendar day transferred to them….

“A beach seine is defined as a swipe net constructed of multi-filament, multifiber webbing fished from the ocean beach that is deployed from a vessel launched from the ocean beach where the fishing operation takes place. One end of the beach seine shall be attached to shore at all times during the operation.”

Carolina Coast Online

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