14 December 2008

Fishing Advice…from Someone Who Appears to Know Nothing about Fishing

“Using a fishing rod of 6 to 8 feet is convenient for catching average size of fishes. Most commonly used types of fishing rods are spinning rods, freashwater [sic] rods, saltwater rods etc….

“Fishing reel helps to reel back and hold the fishing line by dragging it. There are different types of fishing reels like the spinning reels, bait - casting reels and spin casting reels. The spinning reel is the most popular. There are some other type of reels like ultra light spinning reel, light spinning reel, heavy spinning reel.

“We will learn more about the best fishing equipments in the forthcoming article.”

[Ed.: We can’t wait!]

Read the entire piece of misinformation

Angler in the photo has apparently been trained by the author of this article

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