26 August 2008

It's Not A Pole, It's a Rod...Probably

Please forgive this lecture:
Rod: The long, willowy device to which a reel is attached for fishing is called a “rod.” A “pole” is the sort of thing that might be made from cane and have a string and a bent pin tied on the end for line and hook. Anything with a reel attached to it is almost always a “rod” and referring to a rod as a “pole” instantly identifies you as...well...in football, it would be the same thing as asking the person with whom you’re watching the game, “why are they clustering together out there on the field before they start each play?”
And while I'm being a pedant [i.e., one who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge]:
I'm really getting tired of people who don't know anything about fishing...when I tell them we had a difficult day on the water...say, "That's why they call it fishing!"
These are the same folk who, when you tell them you do fly-fishing, report that they “…really loved A River Runs Through It,” as though this makes them fully knowledgeable on the subject. To a fly-fisherman, this is similar to a comment such as, “Some of my best friends are fly-fishermen.”
Folk: please stop pretending! You don’t know anything about fishing and you particularly don’t know anything about fly-fishing.
But...if you want to learn, I’ll be glad to teach you.

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