26 August 2008

Fishing Report: 25 July 2008

Don G. and I fished the mouth of the Housatonic River Friday morning starting at 0600...we also ran out to Stratford Shoals aka Middleground [photo].

We totaled 16 bluefish, 2 striped bass, 2 fluke, and 2 porgies. The biggest blue was probably 5 lbs.; the biggest striper was 25", however, Don lost a much larger fish at the side of the boat...it was certainly a keeper, and maybe into the low 30s in terms of inches.

The fluke and porgies were bycatch; it's amazing the varieties of fish that will eat plastic jigs.

I caught a couple of bluefish on a new fly...er, a fly that's new to me: Chris's Slick Willie. For more details on the fly, please see our post of 02 September 2008.

Fishing was definitely tougher today...perhaps just a matter of the season progressing into the hottest months...perhaps, as Charlie W. suggests, a result of two days of rain putting all that fresh water into the River. Time will tell.

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