29 August 2008

Fish Report: 28 August 08

Deb P. fished with me last evening [28 August]. We went out from 3:30 until sundown…about 7:30 and on arriving at the mouth of the River [Housatonic River, Stratford, CT] we were instantly into fish. Deb scored first with a smallish striped bass [the only one we caught] and then we tallied 34 bluefish over the next couple of hours. Deb fished plastic jigs on a 8-lb. spinning rig…I fished a 7-wt. fly rod.

During the course of the trip two of my flies were chewed down to the bare hook by the bluefish…but I had no cut-offs. One useful trick when tying flies for blues is to use a long-shank hook and tie the fly at the back of the hook near the bend. This results in many hook-ups where the leader never gets into the bluefish’s teeth zone. I was using a 40-lb. shock tippet on the leader and didn’t have to replace or re-tie as each time the metal shank was all the bluefish got to chew on.

Deb is a professional photographer, so we’d hoped for a good sunset so she could get some shots. Unfortunately, the cloud cover got too heavy…so while she was able to frame nice shots, the lighting just wasn’t there.

But all those bluefish were fun.

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