19 June 2019

• Richard Wallace Newman, Jr.

Dear Cuzzin Rich:  I hear the fishing is really great there.  Save some for me.  Skip

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26 February 2019

• “Florida’s economy is booming while blue states like New York are mired in debt -- why is that?”

“…what amazes me is why high-tax states don’t get it? The facts are there for anyone to see, except for those who deliberately refuse to see them. And that’s the problem. In the case of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California and other Democrat-run states, ideology appears to have eclipsed reality.

“If Governor Cuomo thinks (Florida Governor) DeSantis is stealing residents from New York, maybe he should consider whether his policy of 'stealing' taxpayer earnings and demanding that residents pay even more, isn’t the real reason for the exodus.…”

Please visit this link to read the full article: FoxNews.com

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23 February 2019

• Lamont: You Voted For Him, Now You Get to Live With Him

So, Lamont wants you to pay to use our highways [apparently we don’t pay enough for that through the gasoline tax], and he wants to tax your groceries.

What did you expect?

You've heard the phrase "tax and spend" before, perhaps?

As one state politician said, “This is hitting Middle America and your average person…Putting [residents] first is not taxing every corner they turn, and that’s what this budget does.’’

The Hartford Courant observed, “…Lamont did not make any recommendations to cut the size of the state workforce or state agencies. Instead, Lamont’s budget is built largely around new revenue and limited growth.…”

“New Revenue,” of course, is politician-speak for “new taxes.”

You never learn, do you?

Please visit this link to read the full article: Hartford Courant

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21 February 2019

• Shoo-Fly 3 May Be Coming Up For Sale

2006 Pathfinder 22TE [Tournament Edition]

Includes: Jack plate, 3 livewells, hydraulic steering, Yamaha F-150TLR 4-stroke motor [1182 hours], stainless prop, boarding ladder, bass seat plate, Ritchie compass, VHF radio, rod holders, Minnkota 24V 80-lb. thrust bow mount trolling motor with hand-held remote control and quick release mount, under-console battery charger, Garmin 498C GPS/Plotter/Fishfinder, gunwale-mounted holders for push pole, anchor, safety gear, fenders, 72- and 94-qt. coolers, etc., etc. No wood used in the construction of this boat.

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19 February 2019

• Just About 30 Days To Spring

“Just remember in the winter
"Far beneath the bitter snows...

"Lies the seed that with the sun's love
"In the spring becomes the rose.”

Please visit this link to read the entire lyric to the song: The Rose

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18 February 2019

• Now That's A Nice Bass...

Capt. Wayne Johnson Wins Orlando-Area Tourney With Whopper Largemouth:

We're not going to tell what lake that was on...as otherwise there'd be 1,700 boats out on it tomorrow morning.

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02 December 2018

• A News Item I’d Like To Read

Eating Certain Foods Holds Key to Reversing the Path of Atherosclerosis

A recent study proposes that concentrating the supply of certain food items may strengthen the body’s ability to prevent plaque accumulation, and, in some cases, actually reverse the accumulation of fatty plaque in the vascular system.

A research team at the University of Munchausen on Oder studied various artery sections from the chest cavity, arms, and legs of mice to demonstrate the effect.

"Our research in the Lab..." says research assistant Peter Kleine, a Ph.D. candidate in the University's Vascular Department, "...showed that increasing the amount of certain food items available to arteries makes plaque-attacking viruses work even better.

"Research further showed that while plaque build-up was restrained to some degree by eating even small amounts of these critical food items, actual reversal of the plaque did not begin until certain levels of consumption were attained.”

“The critical food items were...” Kleine continued, “...boiled New England lobster…and custard pie.” The threshold amounts included one-one-hundredth of one’s body weight in lobster and a wedge of custard pie equivalent to one-sixth (1/6) of an 10-inch (10”) pie filled approximately two inches (2”) deep; both must be taken together at least three (3) times per week. In this manner individuals weighing 150 pounds would need to consume one-and-one-half pounds of lobster meat per sitting...and how much meat is available in a particular lobster varies with the season of the year and the size of the lobster.

As to the pie, Kleine noted that it must be all custard, with no coconut added. “Coconut significantly reduces the effectiveness of the food items, but this can be moderated somewhat by intake of vodka martinis," he concluded.

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01 December 2018

• Commission on Connecticut Fiscal Stability Issues Second Bleak Assessment

“In a 32-page report, the commission sharpened a sprawling set of prescriptions initially issued on March 1, only to see its work attacked by labor and quickly shelved as a closely divided legislature turned to the short-term task of closing a deficit, balancing the state’s $20 billion budget, and campaigning for re-election…

“The commission says the state needs to shrink spending by $1 billion, while adding revenue by modernizing its system of taxation and tax collection — not by raising tax rates. The panel backed away from a previous call to curtail collective bargaining for public employees, instead suggesting Gov.-elect Ned Lamont seek voluntary concessions.”

Please visit this link to read the full article: ConnecticutMirror.org

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